Predict your success of landing your dream tech job – before applying

Our AI simulates the skills and technical challenges of the job you want to apply to. Understand your job score, prepare for job application or technical job interview. Receive job recommendations based on your skill profile.

What others say?

How it works?

What can you expect from the simulation?

Questions around concepts you would use daily

Coding quizzes considering the real tech stack

Questions around typical problems that need to be solved in the job

Time needed per job:
15-20 mins

Jobs in Data Science, Frontend, Backend and Fullstack Development europewide in all langugages

After your completion of the simulation you will receive a report of your achieved results

If you receive a score higher than 50% on a job simulation, you may have a good chance of being successful in that role

Gain an understanding of the skills you already possess that are relevant to a particular job in order to determine your level of proficiency and readiness for that role

Obtain an understanding of the skills you need to improve upon in order to be successful in a particular job or role

Gain a thorough understanding of your hard skills score for a specific job or position, and focus on improving those skills that are below 50% in order to increase your chances of success in that role.

After your completing the simulation you will receive a report with your achieved results

Receive personalized job recommendations based on your skills

Receive personalized job recommendations based on your skills

What hiring managers say?

Designed to support you at every step of your career

Understand the challenges of a new industry or a company
Our job simulations give you the possibility to deep-dive into a new job , understand the required skillset and technology stack before actually applying for that particular job.

Get a solid and objective basis for your job decision
The results report from the job simulation gives you a very objective skill overview and its suitability for that particular job. Make several job simulations for your favorite jobs and apply to where you have the best chances to receive an offer or where your skills fit best.

Apply via one click 
Our application process is simple. After you conducted a job simulation you can easily apply with one click either with your job simulation results or your normal CV. The rest will be done by us and we will inform you about the progress.

The science and standards behind About-Skills

NLP technologies

We use millions of internal and external data points to understand what makes jobs and roles unique and specific – and to link individual requirements with the right multiple choice questions and coding quizzes. We can also benchmark your performance against others to give you honest feedback on where you stand.

Based on data

Under the hood we use modern NLP technologies to make sense of the millions of data points. The cool thing is that our systems are kept up-to-date with all latest developments in the tech landscape. So our comprehension of roles and requirements evolves over time. So if you dream job changes, the job simulation will change, too.

Granular job simulations

With the data points and our NLP technologies, we are able to create our job simulations for you – which give you a granular understanding of your own skills and the tasks you would work on in your dream job.

Understand the tech challenges of your next job

Data Security Made in Germany

Our data security is made in Germany and our hosting is exclusively on German servers, ensuring the safety and privacy of your information

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our simulations are for free. You can also do several simulations.

No, your results from the simulation won’t be send to the employer unless you want us to do so.

Normally our simulations take 15-20 mins, but you get some extra time to solve the simulation as in a real environment you would also have the opportunity to take more time.

Yes, you can take the simulations as often as you want. However, we set a limit of 3 per month, so you can apply with the best result or, if not ready for a job yet, keep improving your skills and come back later to prove that you acquired the right skills.

Our focus lies on tech jobs including all roles from frontend, backend and fullstack development. Also we cover all roles from data such as data scientists, data analysts and data engineers.

No, skills-based hiring enables you to prove you have the right skills to an employer (and yourself). The idea is to enhance your CV to stand out from the crowd.

Yes, the idea is also to help you understanding your own skill set. The results document includes your strengths and weaknesses; based on that are able to direct you towards other roles, which we believe might be a better fit for you. Feel free to follow our recommendations or pick your own different choice, e.g. Data Analyst and Data Scientist roles to see how you benchmark against other people in the field. Our service is meant to support you at any stage of your career to get the best next job for you.

We will send it to you automatically as far as you take at least one simulation. Our AI matches best possible jobs wich might be also interesting for you based on your skill results. We also help you with the application process.

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